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2018 Mid-Summer Special - Factory Repairs

Special on ORMEC items sent for repairs
ORMEC is pleased to announce a new program through the end of July 2018 on any items sent to ORMEC for factory repair. Any item returned to ORMEC by July 31, 2018 for ORMEC factory repair will receive an additional 3-years of warranty, for a total of 5-years.

Repair Services 
Full repair services are provided for all our products.  ORMEC’s factory repair services include warranty and non-warranty repair. Repairs are backed by a two-year warranty (5-years through the end of July '18). Special handling services, including expedited repairs and emergency exchange/replacement are available. All returns require a Return Authorization (RA) number.  Once a request for repair of an ORMEC item is initiated, the following will occur:

  • A flat-rate charge will be assigned to each ORMEC item to be returned.
  • All items sent into ORMEC will undergo much of the same testing as new ORMEC products including:  
    • Thoroughly inspected, tested, and burned-in at elevated temperatures.
      • Servo Drives to be tested under load.
    • All repairs correcting functional or performance issues completed.
    • All applicable standard upgrades performed.
    • When applicable application programs & files downloaded and archived at ORMEC.
    • Cleaned and minor cosmetic damage repaired.
Repairable ORMEC Products Include:

Contact ORMEC directly at:  (585) 385-3520
or via e-mail at:  support@ormec.com

ORMEC Solutions For Machine Life Extension

Product obsolescence in today's environment is inevitable.  Electronic components used in today's automation control systems are often discontinued by electronic chip makers with little to no warning.  When this happens, many control manufacturers will stop production with little to no warning to their customers.   This forces companies to keep production machines running with obsolete control systems.

When issues arise, companies may be required to find support on their own.  When support is available from the original manufacturer, costly repairs, long lead times and premium service rates are often the norm, with little or no guarantee of functionality or reliability.

ORMEC's philosophy of total customer support results in the creation of high quality products as well as product life cycles exceeding the industry standard.   For new machines, you can be assured that an ORMEC solution will be available for a long time.  For existing machines, ORMEC has created solutions to increase the useful life of your capital equipment while minimizing the financial impact when compared to the costs associated with complete machine retrofits or even the cost of a new machine.  Some examples of possible solutions are listed below:

ORION processor versions /A - /E Upgrade:  First introduced in the 1990's, the ORION Motion Control recently received an upgrade to the system processor, taking advantage of new technology as well as responding to the obsolescence of a key electrical component.  The results, an extension of ORION's life cycle, without sacrificing performance and reliability.  

The new processor is faster than all previous options with the same functionality.  The upgrade also includes updates to other system firmware insuring compatibility and performance is maintained.  This upgrade to the ORION extends the life your ORION controlled machine.  read more.... 
ORION DSP to  D-Series and F-Series Servo Drives:  New life to your existing machines can be achieved by replacing obsolete D & F-Series servo drives with new S2D-Series servo drives.  This change includes increased performance and maintainability of the ORION control by converting its DSP analog Interface to the digital ServoWire interface on the S2D-Series servo drives.  Plus the flexible motor interface of the S2D-Series servo drives allows you the option of keeping your existing servo motors or identify new motors with identical mounting dimensions or a combination of both.  Thus you can avoid the additional costs and delays developing new motor mounting brackets and motor couplings.    read more...

GEN3 Upgrade:  The GEN3 GEN 3 Multi-Axis motion controller reached the end of its life-cycle in 2013.  Though some repair options exist, other options that minimizes financial impact while increasing machine life are also available from ORMEC.

One option is to upgrade to the Orion w/ ServoWire interface to the S2D-Series servo drives. This path is relatively easy as the MotionBasic software and I/O is easily reconfigured from the GEN3 to the ORION Platform.  
Another option is upgrading to the SMLC multi-axis controller also with with S2D-Series servo drives. This path requires additional software changes, but by combining ORMEC's motion engine with a high performance PLC, an upgrade to an SMLC provides a complete upgrade path for not only the motion, but I/O control as well.  Plus the flexible motor interface of the S2D-Series servo drives you still have the option of keeping your existing servo motors or identify new motors with identical mounting dimensions or a combination of both.  Thus you can avoid the additional costs and delays developing new motor mounting brackets and motor couplings. 

These options can also be used  together in a two-step process, providing an incremental upgrade spread over time, minimizing the financial impact.  In the two-step process, the first step is changing out the GEN3 to ORION w/Servo wire Control and Drives.  Transitioning from GEN3 to ORION requires minimal update to the original application, resulting in lower machine down-time and software development costs. 

At a later date, updating the controller to the SMLC could be implemented, but only the controller is replaced since the SMLC uses the same S2D-Series servo drives.  And who better to understand the application requirements originally developed in the GEN3 than an ORMEC Engineer, thus insuring the transition meets or exceeds original performance requirements.

Total Solution Provider:  One of the biggest challenges today is finding the resources that understand the original system and then has the capabilities to provide an upgrade package as a turnkey solution. 

As part of you upgrade solution, let ORMEC Systems Engineers design and manufacture in our UL508A certified electrical panel shop, a turn-key solution for you.    Upon completion of a turn-key system, created drawings and application source code will be provided to you as well as saved at ORMEC.  As the end-customer, you can participate in as much or as little possible, depending upon your own capabilities.  Long distance support can also be achieved instantaneously via our Remote Diagnostic Program, where the System Engineers can immediately access the entire system remotely.  

ORMEC For the Long-Term:  Unlike some automation equipment providers, ORMEC will continue to support and repair even items that are considered out of production and obsolete.  How many times have you called for support only to be told that if parts were available, the lead-time is measured in months and price is measured in $$$$$ or even have the original manufacture disavow all knowledge.  This occurring after paying 20-years of annual fees for software, just for the pleasure of using their products.    

We can work with you to upgrade older control systems regardless of manufacturer, or in the development of new applications with the knowledge that ORMEC is committed to providing its customer with long-term support of all its products.  

For further information visit the ORMEC website at www.ormec.com.  

GEN3 - Changes to After-Market Support

Changes to GEN3 After-Market Support:  The GEN3 multi-axis motion controller, introduced in 1990, reached end of production status in 2013.  After market support for the GEN3 continues to this day, however effective July 1, 2018, phone and e-mail support for the GEN3 will become a paid service.  ORMEC's standard service rate with a minimal time of 4-hours will be applied for all phone and e-mail support of the GEN3.  On-Site service as well as repairs remains at current rates.  

No charges will be applied on calls to discuss upgrading existing GEN3 systems.  Also, any previously paid phone or e-mail support for a GEN3 that ultimately results in system upgrade to either an Orion w/ ServoWire or SMLC will have the associated fee deducted from the total price of the upgrade.    

     ORMEC’s industry experts provide motion control solutions in the aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, textile, paper, packaging, metal forming and converting industries. Our systems excel in the most demanding applications including packaging, converting, labeling, web and material handling, as well as general assembly and winding.
     Our highly reliable motion control solutions integrate motion controllers, logic control, servo drives, servo motors, linear motors, actuators, HMIs, and I/O into cost-effective factory automation solutions. ORMEC  provides  application  expertise and systems solutions for all  types  of  motion  control  challenges and  offers  a  team  of  Systems  and Applications  Engineers  with  over  80 years  of  motion  control  experience.  The  company continues  to  be  a  leader  in  the  development  of  motion  control  solutions and technology, including  being  the  first  to  introduce  an  industrial  motion  control  system  using  a  high-speed  FireWire  network.


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