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ServoWire Pro

ServoWire Pro

ServoWire Pro provides an integrated suite of configuration, diagnostic and maintenance utilities for the development and support of ServoWire drive systems. It runs on a Windows-based development PC.

ServoWire Setup

ServoWire Setup simplifies the process of configuring ServoWire drives. This includes system settings such as loop update rates, the drive types and as initial parameter settings.

Setup Utility Features

  • Configure system parameters such as loop update rate and drive types.
  • Add, remove, copy and paste up to 16 drives onto the ServoWire network.
  • Add motors to the ServoWire drives either by selecting from a predefined list of ORMEC motors or by selecting from a user-defined library of custom motors.
  • Configure each drive’s operating voltage, local I/O and external regen resistor (optional).
  • Configure axis position, velocity, acceleration units and set the maximum range limits.
  • Configure axis response to drives’ high-speed discrete inputs (rising-edge, falling-edge or level).

ServoWire Monitor

The ServoWire Monitor provides a way to view devices on the ServoWire Network. 

Monitor Utility Features

  • Displays SMLC firmware versions as well as 1394 driver and motion engine versions.
  • Displays drive model and serial numbers, firmware revisions, hardware revisions and modifications.
  • Provides real-time drive performance information. Data is presented for: drive DC bus, drive fault data, Hall sensor status, drive I/O status, network performance and more.
  • Monitor system data while user application program is running.

ServoWire Tune

ServoWire Tune provides user software utilities for optimizing motion performance, and documenting tuning parameters for future reference.

Tuning Utility Features

  • Perform user-specified motion on a ServoWire axis and graphically display up to 4 performance parameters.
  • Change tuning parameters for position, velocity and current loops and immediately observe the effects on system performance.
  • Graph data including velocity, torque, position error, drive bus voltage and motor phase currents. Zoom/Pan views allow for precise and thorough examination of the data.
  • Frequency Plot graphing simplifies locating machine resonance frequencies, which can be reduced using the built-in notch filter.
  • User-friendly interface with ability to save motion and graphing setups. The user can also save and/or retrieve displayed graphical data for viewing or printing.

ServoWire Cam/Profile Designer

ServoWire Cam/Profile Designer aids users in creating Cam (master pos. vs. follower pos.) and Profile (axis pos. vs. time) data. Users can enter the data directly into Cam/Profile Designer, or they can import data from a file.

Cam/Profile Designer Utility Features

  • View commanded position, velocity, acceleration and jerk data for the specified motion.
  • Set the type of interpolation used on a segment by segment basis.

ServoWire Upgrade

The ServoWire Upgrade Utility provides the user with the means to update ServoWire Drives with new firmware versions as they become available from ORMEC.

Upgrade Utility Features

  • Displays current version of firmware of all connected ServoWire Drives.
  • Allows for download of a different firmware version (older or newer), which is burned into the drives’ Flash memory

Motor Integration Wizard

The Motor Integration Wizard is an on-line software utility that connects with the drive and motor hardware to measure and verify motor operational parameters. This utility can be run to add a new motor and integrate it into the system configuration software, or this utility can be run on an existing motor configuration for verification and possible adjustment.

Features of the Motor Integration Wizard

  1. On-line empirical measurements can determine motor specifications:
    • Pole count, Motor inertia, Resistance, Inductance, Torque Constant, Feedback Resolution & Offset
  2. Drive/Motor cabling verification and diagnostic troubleshooting of:
    • Motor Winding Interface Wiring
    • Hall Sensor Interface Wiring
    • Feedback Device Interface Wiring
  3. Current Loop tuning support
  4. Torque/Speed performance benchmarks

SMLC Utilities

ServoWire Pro contains a number of utilities dedicated to SMLC programming and maintenance.

SMLC Synch

SMLC Synch is used to send/retrieve .SwSetup files to/from and SMLC. Files can be checked to see if they need to be synched without overwriting either local or remote files.

SMLC Upgrade

SMLC Upgrade is used to upgrade the SMLC firmware.

SMLC Ethernet Settings

You can configure the SMLC's Ethernet settings, or retrieve the current settings and load/save them from/to a file.

SMLC File utility

The file utility provides an explorer-like interface to the SMLC's file system.

SMLC Core Dump Utility

In the unlikely event of a system failure, the Core Dump utility enables retrieval of SMLC system core dumps so they can be sent to ORMEC for analysis.

SMLC Logger

The logger can be used to view SMLC diagnostic/error activity. To assist in debugging, you can print messages to the logger from within your program.

SMLC Communications Test

Test communications between your PC and an SMLC.

Connection List

Edit the list of IP addresses or SMLC names available to ServoWire Pro.


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