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Exporting America

ORMEC was featured on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight on 6/24/04. The segment was part of a series called "Exporting America" and highlighted ORMEC for keeping jobs in the United States. It features our manufacturing facility.Usage of this CNN material does not constitute an implied or expressed endorsement by CNN.

ORMEC in the local news

ORMEC was featured in the RNew Business Profile on 6/28/04 for making changes to keep local jobs. It features our manufacturing area. This two minute video is courtesy of RNEWS, Time Warner Cable, Rochester, NY

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Distributed Feedback for XD-Series Indexer

ORMEC is pleased to announce a new feature for the XD-Series Indexer Drive. Distributed Feedback closes the Servo Motor’s Position and Velocity Loop with a separate feedback device directly connected at the load.

A separate feedback device such as a Rotary Encoder or Linear Glass Scale can improve accuracy and precision of load positioning, removing errors caused by mechanical limitations such as backlash from a gear-box or pitch error found on ball-screws. Used in conjunction with a pulley and belt system, it also could be used to detect belt breakage. The separate position can still be latched on the rising edge of each digital input and used in a wide variety of applications such as registration, wind/unwind diameter calculations, etc.

Click here for the full release

ORMEC Releases XD-Series Indexer Servo Drive and Motor Kits

XD-Series Index Servo Drive and Motor KitXD Indexer kits are designed to simplify system selection and start-up. Kits offer a matched Indexing servo drive and servo motor as well as the basic support hardware used in a typical system. The system is fully documented and easy to connect and start. System support hardware provides components for safety and convenience which are easy to overlook. The kits are available pre-wired and mounted to standard plates for your convenience.

Key features

  • Easy selection and sizing
  • Support parts included, saving you hours or days of time selecting parts
  • Wired panel option – saves more hours
  • Up and running in minutes instead of days
  • Preconfigured with a motor and loaded with example motions
  • You focus on what you know, your machine. Leave the controls to us.

ORMEC’s XD Indexer Family Expands Analog I/O, Adds Motion Control Features for New Applications

XD Series Indexer servo drive family has expanded I/O capability that includes a second analog input and an analog output. ORMEC 400V XD IndexerThis analog ability along with the new motion control modes for Tension Control, Tachometer Feedback and Generator Mode further expands the motion control applications of the XD Indexer family. Brush-type DC motor control capability is added expanding motor control beyond brushless AC motors.

MotionSet version 1.4.0 available

MotionSet v1.4.0 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.
This version includes:
  • Tension mode. When the drive is in tension mode the actual tension is displayed on the monitor screen in place of actual position. The drive exerciser still displays actual position.
  • Generator mode.
  • Tachometer scaling on DC motors. Includes new gain KVT to scale tach gain in distributed feedback applications.
  • Support for resolver option on XD drives.
  • SAC-XD435 and SAC-XD450 support.
  • Minor bug fixes.

XD Indexer Firmware AXE-UPG Version released

The AXE-UPG drive firmware Version adds new features:
  • Tension Loop Mode
  • Tachometer velocity feedback
  • DC motors support
  • Dual analog inputs
  • E-Stop OK input function
  • Tension Limit and Overtemp output functions
  • MotorMoving and AuxMoving to the MotionStaus word and added to status section of the register map
  • Generator mode support, where a servomotor can be run as a generator rather than as a motor

Power Range of ORMEC’s XD Indexer Family Expanded to Meet Wide Array of Applications

ORMEC 400V XD IndexerNew 400V models have been added to ORMEC’s XD-Series Indexing Servo Drive family. These high-performance, single-axis models further expand the XD Indexer family power range, the widest in the industry.

The new 400V models, with 1.4, 2.4 and 4.8 kW ratings, support 3x peaking and 50% higher power density. This small footprint decreases panel space requirements. The complete XD Indexer family includes a full complement of 200V and 400V models ranging from 0.6 to 24 kW continuous power rating (3 to 60 amps current).

MotionSet version 1.3.2 available

MotionSet v1.3.2 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.
This version includes:
  • Updates for all 400V XD Indexers
  • Minor bug fixes

MotionSet version 1.3.1 available

MotionSet v1.3.1 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.

This version includes:

  • Support for R-Series drive
  • Move Relative and Move Velocity motion graphs
  • Minor bug fixes

Rotary Knife software solution slashes engineering time

ORMEC Rotary knife solutionThis ORMEC system includes Indexer servo drives, pacer encoder, touch screen MMI and complimentary software.
The Rotary Knife, Cut-to-Length, software solution for ORMEC’s XD-Indexer servo drive system is available. The system is comprised of two XD-Indexer servo drives, a pacer encoder and an MMI touch panel. The application includes recipe management functions and an easy-to-use operator interface that supports up to 50 unique recipes.

XD-Indexer software updated

The new release of XD-Indexer software includes MotionSet software  version 1.2.0 and Indexer firmware version 1.3.0.

New features include:

  • Ethernet/IP Fieldbus communication (Adapter)
  • Quick Motor Test window for initial mechanical test of motors
  • Motor integration Wizard for fast and thorough motor commissioning.
  • Homing modes for' Home to Limit' and' Home to Hard Stop'

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