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Generation III Motion Controller

The GEN3 family is at the end of its lifecycle. It is in limited repair status.

ORMEC Gen3  (GEN III) - integrated mult-axis motion controller

GEN3 (GEN III) is a family of integrated, multi-axis motion controllers that was introduced more than 20 years ago. For new applications, SMLC Motion Controllers are recommended.

Key Features

  • Multi-Processor Architecture
  • MotionBasic programming environment
  • DSP Performance
  • PC-AT Style Backplane
  • User program storage
  • Memory Disks
  • Extended Machine I/O - connecting to Opto 22 Pamux or other I/O
  • DSP Axis Modules up to 2 axis per module 
  • Communications Ports
  • System Diagnostics

Generation III Motion Controller Family

The GEN3 Model 20 and Model 40 controllers feature the MotionBASIC programming language. GEN3s are used in a wide range of industrial markets including packaging, converting, labeling, web & material handling, medical, pharmaceutical, as well as general assembly and winding.

Model 20 For 1 1/2 to 4 axis applications
Model 40 For 2 1/2 to 8 axis applications
Models 20 & 40 Networked in large multi-axis systems

Multi-Processor Architecture

GEN3 tightly interfaces the controller's main processor with high-speed digital signal processor(s) on the DSP Axis Modules. A shared memory interface, uses dual port RAM, guarantees the fastest possible inter-processor communications.

DSP Performance

In addition to the DSP's ability to insure superlative closed loop operation, GEN3 features MotionDATA—a direct DSP-to-DSP link for electronic gearing and multi-axis synchronization applications.

PC-AT Style Backplane

GEN3's open architecture allows you to plug-in DSP Axis Modules (1 1/2 or 2-axis versions) — plus standard network, video and serial cards. ORMEC's optional adapters are also fully integrated into the MotionBASIC software environment.

User program storage

On-board lithium battery backed CMOS static RAM is adequate for most applications.

Memory Disks

If your application requires additional memory, PCMCIA-standard memory disk (Flash PROM or Static RAM) technology provides up to 4 Mbytes of additional solid-state memory. Removable credit card-sized modules simplify field installation and maintenance of motion programs and product recipes.


MotionBASIC language extensions for specialized application add-ins such as standard PLC network communications can be installed in the internal MotionCARD slot.

Machine I/O

All GEN3 motion controllers include 16 discrete I/O points compatible with Opto 22 style modules. They are accessed at pluggable terminal blocks and are individually software-configurable as inputs or outputs. Inputs can be configured as latches—allowing the capture of high speed sensor signals—and may also be used to interrupt program operation. All analog and digital I/O are accessed by MotionBASIC as pre-defined arrayed variables.

Extended Machine I/O

GEN3's optional Extended I/O Interface includes 24 TTL-level I/O points at a 50-pin Opto-22 compatible connector. These I/O points are configurable as inputs or outputs, or this connector may be used to access 512 analog or digital I/O points using Opto-22's Pamux standard.

DSP Axis Modules

Each DSP Axis Module interfaces two servos, or a pacer encoder and a servo, and provides full fault diagnostics including open wire detection, servo alarm codes, and watchdog timer interlocks.

DSP Axis Module I/O

Each DSP Axis Module also provides two high-speed sensor inputs, six programmable limit switch outputs and four optional 12-bit analog inputs—as well as software and hardware overtravel limits.

Motor/Drive Interface

The servomotor/drive interface has been carefully designed — with a thorough consideration of cabling, shielding and voltage tolerances.

Communication Ports

An RS-232 serial port is provided for program development using an IBM-PC or compatible running our MotionPRO development software. The built-in RS-422 serial port is fully supported in software to provide an elegant, inexpensive way to interface with operator keypads, compact terminals or Modbus for factory communications.

System Diagnostics

Sixteen digital I/O LEDs and 22 diagnostic LEDs make it simple to diagnose problems instantaneously without the need for test equipment.


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The following is a list of valid part numbers for GEN3 motion controllers and accessories

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