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Application Specific Software and Configuration Files

Pre-engineered Software Modules and Configurations for Motion Control

Our Application experts develop reusable software and configuration files for many common applications. Use these to reduce your development and programming or configuration time for ORMEC SMLC controllers or XD-Indexer. Drop in the pre-engineered and tested Application Specific Function Block (ASFB) for the SMLC or Configuration files for the XD-Indexer and then add features that are unique to your machine.

 Description datasheet
Reciprocating Flying Shear Control Reciprocating flying shear motion control - ORMEC Cut, emboss, print or apply processes to a moving web. (SMLC)  application function block reciprocating flying shear - datasheet
Rotary Knife Die Control  Rotary Knife Die Motion Control - ORMEC Cut, emboss, print or apply processes to a moving web. (SMLC)  Rotary knife die motion controls - datasheet
  Rotary Knife Die Motion Control - ORMEC A system includes a feed axis Indexer, a knife axis Indexer, drives for knife and feed servomotors, a pacer encoder and an MMI touch panel. (Indexer)  Rotary Knife Indexer application - datasheet
Integrate XD-Indexer drive into SMLC project Integrating XD Indexer Drives into an SLMC project Indexer drives and ServoWire drives coexist in same project allowing you to use the optimal drive for your application. (SMLC)  Integrate XD Indexer into SLMC project - datasheet
3-D Continuous Path Motion (G-code)  3-D continuous path motion control - ORMEC Allows programming of 3 dimensional linear, circular or helical continuous path motion on up to 4 axes simultaneously. (SMLC)  3 dimensional continuous path motion control - datasheet
Teachable Cam Motion  Teachable cam motion for robotics motion control - ORMEC Provides a method to teach complex motion paths on up to 6 synchronized axes. (SMLC)  Teachable cam for robotic motion control - datasheet
Recipe Management  Recipe Management software interface with motion controller - ORMEC Operator interface software for retrieving, storing, editing recipe paramters from a controller. (SMLC)  Recipe management interface for motion controller - datasheet
Vision Guided Motion  Keyence vision control integrated with motion control - ORMEC Provides Ethernet or Serial communications between an ORMEC motion controller and Keyence Vision System. The controller loads inspection programs, triggers inspections, retrieves inspection results along with other functions. (SMLC)  Vision system interface (Keyence) to motion control - datasheet
Pick and Place Pick and Place with motion control - ORMEC Pick and Place mechanisms are used to transfer parts between one or more locations. (Indexer) Pick and Place application for motion controls - datasheet
Feed to Length Cutting  Feed to length cutting with motion control - ORMEC Control of high speed feeds and cuts. (SMLC)  Feed to length cutting with motion control - datasheet

Feed to length cutting with motion control - ORMEC Control of high speed feeds and cuts. (Indexer)  Indexer Feed to Length Configuration - datasheet
Hot Stamp Press  Hot stamp press with motion control Control the die in a hot stamping press. (SMLC)  Hot stamp press motion control - datasheet
  Hot stamp press with motion control Control the die in a hot stamping press. (Indexer)  Indexer configuration files for Hot Stamp Press application - datasheet
Random Infeed Conveyor Random infeed conveyor with servo motion control Take products randomly spaced on an infeed conveyor and evenly space the products on an outfeed conveyor. (SMLC)  Random Infeed conveyor motion control - datasheet
Positioning Based on Analog Input  Positioning based on analog inputs for servo motion control Commands a move to a position based on the value of an analog input, then optionally continues to track the changing input. (SMLC)  Move to absolute postion based upon analog input - datasheet
Linear and Circular Interpolation ORMEC ASFB Linear and Circular interpolation  Interpolate a motion path with multiple linear and/or arc segments in 2D or 3D space. ASFB for Linear and Cicular Interpolated motion - datasheet
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