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SMLC V2 Hardware

SMLC Revision 2.0 Hardware

SMLC hardware Revision 2.0 introduced locking 1394 connectors for the ultimate in reliability. SMLC hardware Rev. 2 includes three 1394 connectors on the SMLC-160 to simplify the topology of a ServoWire drive network as the number of axes increases. Note that SMLC revision 2.0 hardware requires SMLC firmware v2.6 or later.  SMLC firmware v2.6 is available to all registered users in the SMLC software section of the Support Library. In addition to the frequently asked questions (FAQs), consult this guide to replacing SMLC hardware.

SMLC v2 hardware, front view, with locking cable callout

Comparison of SMLC rev1.x and rev2.0 hardware

The figure below shows the differences between rev1.x and rev2.0 SMLC hardware

Hardware comparison

SMLC hardware revision is indicated by the product label on the left side of the unit. The revision field in the picture below indicates 2.0.00. In SMLC hardware rev2, the serial number suffix is greater than 200. In SMLC hardware rev1, the serial number suffix is between 100 and 200.

SMLC product label

SMLC Product Label

If you have questions about this revision that are not answered by the FAQ on the right, please contact ORMEC support at (585) 385-3520 or via e-mail at support@ormec.com

SMLC2 Hardware

I am replacing an existing rev1 SMLC. Can I simply pull the SMLC-SYS-128 compact flash card out and use it in the new SMLC?

Yes, but only if the SMLC-SYS-128 already has SMLC firmware v2.6 or later installed and the old card completely boots the new hardware. If it doesn't, then you will need to use the card that came with the rev2 SMLC and recompile your project and download it to the rev2 SMLC. Refer to the SMLC hardware replacement flowchart.

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