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Exporting America

ORMEC was featured on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight on 6/24/04. The segment was part of a series called "Exporting America" and highlighted ORMEC for keeping jobs in the United States. It features our manufacturing facility.Usage of this CNN material does not constitute an implied or expressed endorsement by CNN.

ORMEC in the local news

ORMEC was featured in the RNew Business Profile on 6/28/04 for making changes to keep local jobs. It features our manufacturing area. This two minute video is courtesy of RNEWS, Time Warner Cable, Rochester, NY

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'Last Buy' notice for MMI-8056 touchscreens

ORMEC’s supplier of the MMI-8056 touchscreens are no longer producing these models. They are used for ORION, SMLC and XD Indexer applications. The MMI-8070 is a replacement model that provides a larger, 7” diagonal screen and fits the same cutout size as the MMI-8056.

Existing MMI-8056 projects can be ported over to the MMI-8070 with the 3.32 or later version of EasyBuilder software.

MotionSet version 1.3.1 available

MotionSet v1.3.1 is released. MotionSet is the commissioning software for ORMEC XD Indexer Servo Drives and R-Series Servo Drives.

This version includes:

  • Support for R-Series drive
  • Move Relative and Move Velocity motion graphs
  • Minor bug fixes

ORMEC expands into Chinese motion control market

ORMEC distribution partners in ChinaTo meet the growing demand in China for high quality, reliable motion control products and systems, ORMEC announces three newly formed Chinese partnerships. This includes two new ORMEC distributor organizations and a Chinese representative.

SMLC BOOTPATCH version released

SMLC-BOOTPATCH version addresses an anomaly with Ethernet port EN0 on SMLC-30/80/160 v2.1 hardware that can cause E3 faults on ServoWire drives.

Rotary Knife software solution slashes engineering time

ORMEC Rotary knife solutionThis ORMEC system includes Indexer servo drives, pacer encoder, touch screen MMI and complimentary software.
The Rotary Knife, Cut-to-Length, software solution for ORMEC’s XD-Indexer servo drive system is available. The system is comprised of two XD-Indexer servo drives, a pacer encoder and an MMI touch panel. The application includes recipe management functions and an easy-to-use operator interface that supports up to 50 unique recipes.

SMLC CDS-SDK 3.5.0 software released

Version 3.5.0 CoDeSys for SMLC controllers includes support for 18-bit absolute EnDat 2.1 encoders.

Library of motion control videos demonstrate capabilities, provide training

ORMEC library of Motion Control videosVideos make XD-Indexer servo drive configuration and operation easy. ORMEC premieres a comprehensive library of motion control videos. The videos feature the XD-Indexer, a single axis integrated controller and servo drive and its easy-to-use table based software, MotionSet.

ORMEC's high performance ServoWire™ drives and XD-Indexer drives integrate on common system

Integrate SMLC and XD-Indexer on common networkThe controller network can be expanded beyond 16 ServoWire drives to more than 100.

ORMEC’s ServoWire Motion & Logic Controllers (SMLC) typically coordinate a network of ServoWire (FireWire) drives for applications where highly coordinated, high performance multi-axis motion is needed. In cases where axes are required that do not need as tightly coordinated motion, the more cost-effective XD-Indexer drive can be integrated into the SMLC system via Modbus TCP communication. Overall project costs are reduced with the ability to choose the optimal drive for the performance required on a per axis basis.

XD-Indexer software updated

The new release of XD-Indexer software includes MotionSet software  version 1.2.0 and Indexer firmware version 1.3.0.

New features include:

  • Ethernet/IP Fieldbus communication (Adapter)
  • Quick Motor Test window for initial mechanical test of motors
  • Motor integration Wizard for fast and thorough motor commissioning.
  • Homing modes for' Home to Limit' and' Home to Hard Stop'

SMLC CDS-SDK 3.4.0 software released

Version 3.4.0 CoDeSys for SMLC controllers includes support for SAC-S2DM servo drives.

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