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Exporting America

ORMEC was featured on CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight on 6/24/04. The segment was part of a series called "Exporting America" and highlighted ORMEC for keeping jobs in the United States. It features our manufacturing facility.Usage of this CNN material does not constitute an implied or expressed endorsement by CNN.

ORMEC in the local news

ORMEC was featured in the RNew Business Profile on 6/28/04 for making changes to keep local jobs. It features our manufacturing area. This two minute video is courtesy of RNEWS, Time Warner Cable, Rochester, NY

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Rotary Knife software solution slashes engineering time

ORMEC Rotary knife solutionThis ORMEC system includes Indexer servo drives, pacer encoder, touch screen MMI and complimentary software.
The Rotary Knife, Cut-to-Length, software solution for ORMEC’s XD-Indexer servo drive system is available. The system is comprised of two XD-Indexer servo drives, a pacer encoder and an MMI touch panel. The application includes recipe management functions and an easy-to-use operator interface that supports up to 50 unique recipes.

Running MotionDesk under Windows 7

ORMEC MotionDesk software can be run in 'XP Mode' under Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions.

Application Function Block 'Move Absolute'

The Application Specific Function BLock (ASFB) OrmAppMoveAbsAnalog for ORMEC's SMLC controller commands a move to a position based on the value of an analog input, then optionally continues to track the changing input.

Application Function Block 'Feed to Length'

The Application Specific Function BLock (ASFB) OrmAppFeedToLen for ORMEC's SMLC controller make it easy to implement full-featured Feed to Length applications with a minimum of programming.

Application Function Block 'G-Code to Motion'

The Application Specific Function BLock (ASFB) OrmAppGcode for ORMEC's SMLC controller allows programming of 3 dimensional linear, circular or helical continuous path motion on up to 4 axes simultaneously.

Ethernet/IP communication with an SMLC

This tutorial covers the Ethernet/IP capabilities of ORMEC's SMLC motion controller.

FTP access to an SMLC

Information on using FTP to transfer files between an SMLC and a networked computer.

Function block to log program variables to .csv file

Easily log time stamped data to a comma separated variable text file on the SMLC flash card.

Read an SMLC CoDeSys file's last modified date

The Last Modified date returned by SysFileGetTime is in UTC time. This function returns the value in local time.

Function Block to display SMLC information

Displaying information about the SMLC and the project it is running can aid in trouble-shooting.

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